In My Feelings

“In My Feelings” by Kehlani

If this isn’t love
Why do I feel this way?
Why you got me so obsessed with you?
Why you got me wasting time laying next to you?
Why do you tell me, “come over,”
to watch you just stare at your phone?

Don’t know why I expected you to give me attention, affection, and love.
You’re like a drug…
You got me–been got me way too messed up.

And I don’t know why I’m even still here
Can’t shake it off
I’ve been here for years
And I’m ready to be off of you
…I just may be stuck on you

Why do I pick up my phone every time that you call?
Why do I I feel this way?
Why do I let you give me half then give you my all?
Why do I do this?
I’m in my feelings

Why you be doing me scandalous?
You just assume that I’m strong and can handle it.
Why do you make me feel like I’m less than my worth?
It won’t be for long.
I ain’t having it.
You don’t do the shit that you said would be done.
You find it fun to feel shit
and run.
Love, like a gun, it leaves me stunned
Out on the floor, and I just can’t get up

Why do I feel this way?
Why am I still this way?
Why after all these times, you still play all these games?
Why after all these nights, I still give you all my days?


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