I’m a little dramatic 

I’m a little dramatic, and I’m done apologizing for it.

I’m as hot blooded as they come.

When I’m “angry,” I’m furious.
When I’m “sad,” I shatter.
When I’m “embarassed,” I’m humiliated.
And when I’m “sorry,” I’m remorseful.

But it’s not all bad.

Because while I feel the bad stronger than most, I also feel the good stronger than most.

I don’t just “love,” I fall deep in devotion, adoration, zeal.
I don’t just “have sex,” I make passionate, licentious fire.
When I’m “happy,” I’m ecstatic.
When I “laugh,” every organ in my body dances.
When I “care,” I go to the ends of the earth just to bend upside down and backwards.

So yea. I’m a little dramatic. Sometimes I get too angry too quickly. Sometimes I’m a little abrasive. And sometimes I need to lock myself in a room and cry for an hour. But I’m okay with that. Because it’s what allows me to feel happiness that can infect a room, love that can stop a war, and peace that calm a storm.

I ain’t sorry.

Stay fierce,
myrnabeyonce 💋


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