I woke up happy today. 

I woke up happy today. 

Maybe it was the conversation I had with my friend last night,

Maybe it was the way my dog licked me to wake me up this morning,

Maybe it was the fact that it was two of my best friends’ birthdays today,

Maybe it was all the old photos I was looking through,

Maybe it’s because my dad asked me for business advice this morning, 

Maybe it was the market my mom took me to before our day at the beach,

Or maybe, I just woke up and remembered how blessed I was. 

I think it’s so easy to think about everything going wrong in our lives: the friend who won’t text me back, the fact that I was a few points away from the grade I wanted in a class, that I still have to study for the GRE and the MCAT, the fight I got into with my sister the other day, or the fact that in one year from now I’m supposed to have my life together. But lately what I’ve been doing is everytime I have one of those moments, I force myself to come up with 5 things I’m truly thankful for. I’m not talking about your typical Sunday school answers–I mean the friends I couldn’t live without, the experiences that revealed to me who I am, or the opportunities available to me. And when you begin to feel that comfort and peace, everything about your life is instantly more beautiful. 

Whatever your reason might be to feel worried, anxious, uneasy, there are 20 reasons to feel joyful, satisfied, and blessed. 

Today, I am happy. 


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