Drunk blogs are the best blogs amirite? Wrong. I’ll probably regret this in the morning, but here it goes.

I’m not gonna start out with never trust guys, but I’ll definitely say don’t trust most guys–especially at this age. I know most of the girls reading my blog are in their high school and college years so this specifically goes to you: men at your age are selfish, and they will be for a long time. It doesn’t mean they are shitty people or will grow up to be such, but right now, finding a good guy is hard because all most guys at your age are concerned with is their own satisfaction.

Now, if you read this blog regularly you’re probably like me: you read people’s stories and think, “wow this is a really important lesson; I’m glad I read this before I did something stupid.” LOL you’re probably gonna do it anyway. Girls like us have to get burned before we learn not to touch the fire. It’s who we are. We’re too passionate; we follow our heart only to leave scars that remind us not to hurt ourselves again even though our brain was screaming the whole time “I KNOW BETTER, JUST LISTEN TO ME YA LITTLE SHIT!” It’s cool, girl. It’s cool. Just know you’re not alone.

For those of you who know how to take advice and can prevent yourself from stupid situations, listen up. I know your friends have some of the cutest relationships ever with guys who treat them better than your parents treat each other. I know you’re surrounded by all the wrong guys at the right time or no guys at any time. I know. I’ve felt all of it. Don’t give in. When you settle, you get hurt. Every time. Wait for the right guy.

“But how do I know he’s the right guy?”

You’ll know because you won’t be asking me this question. The answer will be crystal clear as angels come from Heaven and shine a light down on the lucky young man who gets the privilege of loving you and taking care of you every day of his life. You will not have a single cloud of doubt over your head.



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