I hate the beach, but I love the ocean.

I’ve spent the past couple days in Cancun, Mexico, and I come to this conclusion everytime we are here, but I guess it’s time I write it down. I. Hate. Sand. I freaking hate it. It gets everywhere and sticks to everything, and if a single grain gets in my mouth I literally can’t eat for the rest of the day. I hate sand.

But I adore the ocean.

Ever since I was a kid, the Little Mermaid (1&2) was my favorite movie series–with Lion King following very closely behind. It wasn’t the story that captivated me though; it was the setting.

The ocean is so magnificent. It is filled with ancient stories of dinosaurs, cavemen, pirates, explorers, slave ships, cruise ships, and so much more. It is timeless. It is the one thing we cannot remove from the earth. We can cut down trees, we can kill off entire species, we can destroy mountains, but the oceans are untouchable.

And they are ever so strong. They can carry thousand ton ships across the world, or they can swallow them whole. They can be the source of all prosperity for a city, or they can demolish every piece of it.

They are unifiers. The same water that carried pirates and sunk war ships, is the same water carrying a couple on vacation to the Caribbean. Something about the fact that my feet are currently in the same water as a couple in Morocco, a college kid in Florida, a child in Portugal, or a family in Brazil makes me feel so connected to the rest of humanity. All of us in our respective parts of the earth are splashing, swimming, and exploring this same entity.

And finally. I love the ocean because of its dance. I’ve always thought of the ocean as a performance. The show is in the deep abyss. The whirlpools, the fish at the ocean floor, the ship wrecks, the coral reefs, the whales, sharks, dolphins–all of them are stars of the show.  But you can’t see it without special vip tickets. The crashing waves is the ocean applauding the show. This is why you see more waves closer to the shore. That’s the door. That’s where you leave  or enter the theater, so that is where you hear most of the commotion. Everyone here is raving about what an amazing show lies within this extraordinary matter. The waves don’t stay here though  they retreat back into the ocean because you can’t just watch the show once. Everytime you go, you see something new. It’s brilliant, heart wrenching, inspiring, enraging, and beautiful all at once.

If you have the chance, I highly recommend you listen to the critics and buy your ticket. It’s a show you can’t miss



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