I cried tonight.

I cried tonight.

I feel a lot of emotions, but I’m not one to cry much.

Tonight, I cried.

I cried because I was sad. I cried because I was lonely. For the first time in a long time I wanted a boyfriend, kinda.

Nearly all of my close friends are dating someone, almost dating someone, or “have a thing” with someone. Every night they go home to someone waiting to hear about their day and remind them that they are cared about deeply. I, however, go home to my empty bed and no texts from anyone special in my phone. I never had a problem with it before, but tonight, I did.

Tonight, I cried.

I have a lot to offer a man. I am intelligent, strong, beautiful, and loyal. I have a lot of good qualities, but for reasons unknown, no one really wants that right now. It sucks not feeling wanted.

I go on and on about how I don’t want a boyfriend. Hell, I wrote a blog about why I don’t want a boyfriend. And while that is still true, I have these moments sometimes when I really just want someone to be my pretend boyfriend.

I don’t need a boyfriend, that’s for sure. I take care of myself, I know how to make myself feel beautiful, I am secure with who I am and where I am going, but sometimes I don’t want to do it all for myself. Sometimes I want someone else to tell me I’m pretty. Sometimes I want someone other than myself to admire how hard I work. Sometimes I want something other than Netflix or a book to get my mind off of things.

Sometimes I want someone.

It’s okay though. Even the most independent women want to feel dependent every now and then.


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