Ignorant Rant #1

*This blog is literally nothing intelligent or edited or anything. I just wanted to vent/rant/blah*

Do you ever get to the point where the people in your life are just consistent sources of bullshit and you’re just done? Yep I’m there. What’s important is that I’m no longer bitter, or hurt, or anything that would cause me to regress. Sometimes you just have to be like “honestly fuck you” to everyone, and move the fuck on. People are going to get in your way, but the thing is that they are going to stay there until you shove them out of it. Life is too damn short to waste your time on people who make you feel worse about yourself. You deserve to be celebrated, not tolerated. The premise of so many pieces of break up advice is “he doesn’t deserve you” “you need someone who will treat you as well as you treat him” etc. And while all of those are true, they don’t only apply to romantic relationships. Friendships can be just as draining and destructive to your progression. When you waste your time trying to please people who will never be satisfied, you will use too much energy that you could be using to contribute to relationships where you are respected and celebrated. Don’t waste your time on any boy, friend, or scum of the earth that doesn’t make you feel as powerful, important, beautiful, and intelligent as you are.  AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT.


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