PSA 1: Quotes

Dear Readers,

First and foremost, I would love to thank you all for your interest and support in my blog and my posts. As of Monday, April 21, I now average 796 views per post…which is unreal. So thanks bebes.

But I would like to address a comment that I often receive, and instead of repeating my response 3 billion times, I just want to copy and paste a link to this post.

Many readers have said something along the lines of “Your blog is so awesome, but I think you post a lot of quotes. They aren’t bad, but I like reading what you write.” I do post a lot of quotes, but it is not haphazardly or out of laziness. I also don’t just post quotes that I think are interesting (you can check my tweets for that). These quotes are of monumental value to me, and are strategically selected excerpts. I post quotes that altered my perception or opinion, sparked an interest, or supports one of my own beliefs. I want you guys to understand why I post these quotes so that you can value them as much as I do.

To simplify, I have 2 main reasons for posting quotes:

Specificity: You know when you hear a song and it just describes your situation to a T, and you are so excited about it that you tell everyone to listen to it? It’s the same idea with me and my quotes.

Universality: I am not going to go into this too much now because I am currently working on a blog about it, but consider this. The original sources of these quotes are different from me in so many ways–whether it be race, social class, environment, or even time period lived in–and yet, their words are ever-relevant. How incredible is that?!  That someone you have never met and may never meet can teach you life lessons or share in your opinions and beliefs more than anyone you know, personally, just blows my mind out of the water.

So the next time I post a quote, don’t just skim through it just to get the gist of it. Analyze it. Take in every word. Process it.






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