“Dumb” is not a thing

Disclaimer: This is not a prepared or edited blog. I just really needed  to vent.

One of the biggest excuses for anything that I have ever heard is “I’m too dumb.” There is no such thing as being too dumb for anything–there is only being too lazy. Having bad grades does not make you dumb, it makes you lazy. It means you didn’t work as hard as you could have. It means you didn’t take advantage of your resources. It means you prioritized the wrong things.

Everyone can be greater than what they are now. I cannot stress this enough. Yes, it’s super cliché to say you can do anything, and for good reason. You CAN’T do anything (You can take this to your freaking kindergarten teachers and overbearing parents). Yes, you can’t do ANYTHING, but you can always do better.

My driver’s ed teacher was an ass–like honestly one of the most unpleasant men I have ever had the displeasure of meeting—but he said something once that I never forgot. “You drive with your eyes, not your hands.”

What he meant is that when you’re driving, you drive where your eyes are looking. If you lose focus for a second, you end up smashed into a pole. And besides getting into an accident, you are now 2 hours late to wherever you were going.

Now I’m obviously not writing this to teach you how to drive your car, so let’s make this relevant. You can have the most ambitious goals, but if you’re not focusing on them with every step you take, you’re going to end up smashed into a pole. Your destination is solely dependent on your focus, and you work as hard as you’re focused.

So don’t ever tell me you’re too dumb to get into this school, or too dumb to take that higher math class, or too dumb to apply for that internship. You’re not dumb; you’re just not working hard enough.


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